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    As a TRADING company, we enable indirect exports and mainly import orders on behalf of third parties (the purchaser) and by order of third parties (pre-determined local buyer) with contract signature.

    We operate strategically in the area of ​​market research, seeking attractive, competitive solutions to enable imports and exports, through structural data, as well as commercial and government statistics.

    Economic feasibility study of the operation with worksheets of cost estimates for the value of the product after “nationalization”.

    Strategic world mapping by NCM – SH of the product, which shows data such as: the largest importers and exporters countries in the world and the largest importers in Brazil and in the world.

    For exports, we conduct a study of the international market, in which we carry out research and contact foreign competitors, in order to suit Brazilian products for the specific market. We identify the best international partners, taking into consideration the advantages of the trade blocs, while also acquiring data for a financial analysis of the international partner.

    We operate as a TRADING company in the facilitation of indirect exports, and especially in imports on behalf of third parties (the purchaser) and by order of third parties (pre-determined local buyer) with contract signature.

    We work as an outsourced International Trader, providing complete assistance during the process, preparing tax classification studies, providing support in cargo insurance, integrated and optimized logistics, shipping inspection, and complete follow up in the door-to-door process.

    As managers and international negotiators, we conduct all the negotiations in a technical manner, considering opportunities and benefits of the trade blocs in order to obtain long term partnerships. We conduct risk analysis on each operation, considering the concept of win-win.

    Accompaniment on international travels, visiting suppliers, clients or trade fairs.

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