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    Pesquisa de Mercado

    Why research?

    In order to start the process of entering the international market, it is essential to conduct research and investigation. From the information gathered, we can map specific data for the development of strategies to be planned, and find the best markets, saving time and money.

    A database of contacts and information will allow you to have a broader view of your real possibilities of entering the international market. You can assess your company’s position in relation to that market and be better prepared.

    Diagnosis and initial preparation:

    Visit to the company, data collection and definition of the products to be exported / imported: Volume, price, picture, and technical specifications of the product.

    International competitors per product and prices:

    This service identifies competing companies and products, allowing better evaluation of your product in relation to the international market.

    Identification of potential buyers and/or suppliers:

    We provide comprehensive data on the companies that may become your clients or suppliers, increasing your network of contacts.

    Worldwide Mapping:

    It provides strategic information and international trade data on the specific product identified by the client. It also allows the company to have a broader view of the international market for its segment, to assist in the development of directed strategies.

    The information on the product’s trade available in the worldwide mapping is based on the NCM-SH (MERCOSUL Standard Goods Nomenclature – Harmonized System), a worldwide code used to identify the product and its characteristics.  Read more

    Market Analysis:

    Analysis of specific markets utilizing secondary data from national and international markets.

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