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    Market Research

    In order to start the process of entering into international markets, it is of utmost importance to conduct research and prospective studies. From these studies, we can map specific information for developing strategies, searching for the best markets, saving time and money. Read more

    Imports on behalf of third parties via trading company

    Importation on behalf of third parties is a service provided by the importer company, in this case COTTEX, in your name, of the customs forwarding process in the import of goods purchased by another company, with previous signature of a contract.

    This contract may also include the provision of other services related to the commercial transaction, such as price quotation and commercial intermediation.

    Thus, in importation on behalf of third parties, even though the work of the importing company may encompass from the simple completion of the import forwarding process to the assistance in negotiating abroad, contracting transportation and insurance, among others, the real importer is the actual buyer. The buyer is the mastermind of the import, the one who actually makes the goods come from another country as the result of an international purchase; done, in such case, by an intermediate : COTTEX-BRASIL which is just an authorized representative.

    Ultimately, it is the buyer who convenes the international purchase and holds the economic capacity for the payment of the import, via currency exchange.

    However, different from what occurs in the import by order of third parties, the currency exchange operation for payment of an import on behalf of third parties can be performed in the name of the importer or the buyer, according to the International Capital and Foreign Exchange Market Regulation (RMCCI).

    Therefore, even if the import company on behalf of third parties makes the payments to the foreign supplier, with or without advance payment, it does not constitute an import on own account, but an operation between the foreign exporter and the buying company, because this is where the financial resources come from.

    Import by order of third parties

    Import by order of third parties is the one in which a company acquires goods abroad by its own means and performs the import customs forwarding process in order to re-sell the goods later to a previously determined local buyer, according to an agreement between the importer and the local buyer. This agreement must include, at least, the term and the operations agreed upon.    

    Feasibility study

    Through estimating worksheets, we offer a clear presentation of final costs of the import product(s), with related fees and taxes, enabling a complete analysis of the feasibility of the operation.

    Financial profile of international companies

    Analysis of the financial profile of companies abroad, allowing a better understanding of the company, which brings confidence to participate in the international market.

    Foreign trade department 

    We work as your outsourced foreign trade department in imports providing:

    Complete assistance in the import processes:
    Import Declaration.

    Negotiations with suppliers:
    We present your requirement abroad in a technical manner, aiming, in the negotiation, at the best and safest financial agreement, in compliance with the INCOTERM to be used and the most effective logistics.

    Product classification according to the NCM-SH:
    Tax Classification of the product is essential to determine the fees and requirements involved in import operations, whether in Brazil or in the country of origin.

    Registration at RADAR/ SISCOMEX:
    This registration is compulsory for all Brazilian importers, required by the Brazilian Customs (Receita Federal do Brasil). COTTEX assists your company in the registration.

    International cargo insurance:
    The aim of the international insurance is to protect the cargo against unexpected events during transport. We hire this service, analyzing all the risks, and ensuring our clients’ peace of mind.

    Currency Exchange:
    We assist you in negotiating import currency exchange contracts with banks.

    Monitoring of the customs forwarding process:
    We contact the best customs brokers and forwarders in the market by segment. We monitor the forwarder’s activities, focusing on reducing risks involved in the process. Fumigation, issuance of certificates and documents for the release of the cargo at the origin and at the destination.

    Integrated and optimized logistics of the “door-to-door” processes:
    We provide support in the selection of the most effective logistics for your import processes, from origin to final destination of the cargo. We usually quote a minimum of three (3) freight providers per operation.

    Inspection of cargo at shipping.

    Due to the unpredictive nature of the market, it is part of our company’s policy to send clients follow-up reports, so that our client is kept up to date with the process progress.
    Following it up is the best way to measure the operation’s success, and the only way our client is kept informed of every detail of the import process.

    Special Registration

    Beinge aware of the need of prior registration with the Health Control Agency (ANVISA), IBAMA, Ministry of Agriculture and others, COTTEX  provides the necessary instructions for the completion of the registration, if required.

    Foreign Partners

    Our partners in China are able to provide various services, such as: manufacturing and shipping inspection, approvals and visits to manufacturing plants, accompaniment to fairs and technical visits, among other services.

    We have partner offices in several other countries: Germany, Angola, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Spain, United States, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Panama, Portugal and Thailand. In countries not mentioned here, we identify strategic consulting partnerships.

    Tax Benefits

    Bringing more competitiveness to imports, we have tax benefits within the state of Minas Gerais, equivalent to those offered by other states.